Sunday, January 17, 2010

[20:35] Rudy: Why do people not see that Venus Project is communism and won't work?
[20:36] Rudy: Maybe I should ask, why do people not see communism won't work?
[20:53] TheSHAD0W: Because a lot of people are doing make-work.
[20:53] TheSHAD0W: It has very little value or satisfaction.
[20:54] TheSHAD0W: And they think that it's the system's fault.
[20:54] TheSHAD0W: And these people are offering a newer system where they get what they want without having to do the make-work...
[20:54] Rudy: I know must of the make work I did was the system's fault
[20:54] TheSHAD0W: And don't realize that there are people who ARE doing meaningful work, who need to be rewarded.
[20:55] TheSHAD0W: And this Communism don't do it.
[20:56] Rudy: I can see that many of the supporters of Communism or Venus Proejct really have no clue about economics, or engineering, or any hard science
[20:56] Rudy: So that does fit