Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Are you guys ready for WWIII?

The crazy guy in charge of North Korea is threatening war. The crazy guy in charge of Iran is threatening war. Mexico is threatening war (on Arizona), and has been at war with itself for years now. Greece. Grenada. All these guys know the US armed forces are a bit overextended, so there's an opportunity (or at least, these crazy guys can pretend there's an opportunity to stoke their ambitions). We've got global currency issues. Worst of all, the Lost TV series ended!

I don't think (I'm hoping they won't) superpowers will be fighting each other, but I do think there's a significant chance we'll see a surge in wars declared around the globe, enough for the phenomenon to be considered another World War. Expect the US and Europe to use the violence as an excuse to devalue their currencies (yes, I'm going on about that again). We may even reach the point where the draft will be reinstated in order to send "peace officers" all over the globe.